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The exhibition Más Europa, más futuro (More Europe, more future) combines data and design to showcase the advantages of the European Union

The exhibition posters will be on display at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia until September 30.

Ivie, in collaboration with the University of Valencia, inaugurated on September 15 the exhibition More Europe, more future, composed of 14 posters which will be displayed in the main hall of the Faculty of Economics until September 30. Based on accurate data analysis, the project aims to visually expose in a comprehensive manner to society, particularly younger generations, some of the benefits that the European Union offers its citizens.

Each of the 14 images included in the exhibition combines design with clear and concise messages to convey some of the most important contributions of the EU to the socio-economic improvement of our country. In addition, all the posters, designed by the Valencian firm Dataly, feature a QR code that allows access to more detailed statistical information on the subject.

Since its origin, the project of a European Union has encountered Euro-sceptics who have questioned the benefits of a common policy among Member States. However, at first it was difficult to overshadow a project that had more and more willing participants. Today, the situation is very different because Europe is facing new challenges, such as the loss of one of its most relevant members (United Kingdom), the rise of the far right or the massive influx of refugees. All these issues put into question its future as a political project, with a growing number of people who claim that there are more disadvantages than advantages to the European Union.

However, reality and statistical data do not back up these assertions. Most critical messages towards the European project often lack documentary, statistical, or scientific support. Data gives proof of the objective advantages that Spain has obtained as a result of being in the EU.

Beyond the numbers, the exhibition also focuses on the social transformations experienced by our country thanks to its integration into the European Union. Reflecting on the changes that have taken place in Spain since 1986, helps society to understand how our country has progressed, especially younger generations who are unable to compare on the basis of their own life experience.

This activity has been co-financed by the Secretary of State for the European Union of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, within the framework of a call for proposals to promote communication and disseminating activities related to the European Union.

Round table

With this same objective, on September 26, the Roundtable Más Europa, beneficios de la pertenencia a la UE will be held at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia, in Aula Sánchez Ayuso, at 12:30h. The following experts will take part in the event: Joan Calabuig (Valencian Government Delegate for the European Union and Foreign Relations), Manuel Sanchis (Professor at the University of Valencia), Javier Quesada (Ivie Research Professor and Professor at the University of Valencia), Cecilio Tamarit (Director of the European Documentation Center at the FGUV, General Foundation of the University of Valencia), and José Manuel Pastor (Dean of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia).

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