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Published articles

Carbó, S. and F. Rodríguez:

  • "El sector bancario europeo en 2018: más regulación, menos morosidad", Cuadernos de Información Económica, 262, January, pp. 15-26.

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Carbó, S., S. Mayordomo and F. Rodríguez:

  • "Disentangling the effects of household financial constraints and risk profile on mortgage rates", The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 56(1), January, pp. 76-100.

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García-Montalvo, J.:

  • "The Impact of Progressive Tuition Fees on Dropping Out of Higher Education: A Regression Discontinuity Design ", Working Papers, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, 1017, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics - GSE, January.

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García-Montalvo, J. and M. Reynal:

  • "Earthquakes and Terrorism: The Long Lasting Effect of Seismic Shocks", Working Papers, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, 120, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics - GSE, February.

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Goerlich, F.J. and F. Ruiz:

  • "Typology and representation of alterations in territorial units: A proposal", Journal of Official Statistics (JOS), 34(1), March, pp. 83-106.

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Lorente, L., N. Tordera and J.M. Peiró:

  • "How Work Characteristics Are Related to European Workers’ Psychological Well-Being: A Comparison of Two Age Groups", International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(1), January, pp. 127.

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Mas, M., L. Serrano, F. Pérez, E. Uriel (dirs.), E. Benages and J.C. Robledo:

  • "Ciclo económico, acumulación de capital en españa y crecimiento regional (en el siglo XXI)", Documento de Trabajo, Fundación BBVA.

Polanski, A. and F. Vega-Redondo:

  • "Bargaining Frictions in Trading Networks", The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 18(1), January, pp. 43-70.

    Further information

Schreyer, P. and M. Mas:

  • "Measuring health services in the National Accounts: An international perspective", in Aizcorbe, A., C. Baker, E. Berndt and D. Cutler (eds.): Measuring and modeling health care costs. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, chapt. I, pp. 25-54.

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Forthcoming articles

Abdelsalam, O., M. Duygun, J.C. Matallín and E. Tortosa-Ausina:

  • "Is Ethical Money Sensitive to Past Returns? The Case of Portfolio Constraints and Persistence in Islamic Funds", Journal of Financial Services Research.

Arribas, I., J. Peiró and E. Tortosa-Ausina:

  • "Is full banking integration desirable?", Journal of Banking & Finance.

Arribas, I., K. Louhichi, A. Perni, J.E. Vila and S. Gómez:

  • "Modelling Farmers’ Behaviour toward Risk in a Large Scale Positive Mathematical Programming (PMP) Model", International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics.

Burguet, R., J.J. Ganuza and J. García-Montalvo:

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Cruz, P., J. Fernández de Guevara and J. Maudos:

  • "Determinants of bank’s interest margin in the aftermath of the crisis: the effect of interest rates and the yield curve slope", Empirical Economics.

Duernecker, G. and F. Vega-Redondo:

  • "Social Networks and the Process of Globalization", The Review of Economic Studies.

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  • "Foreign ownership and financial reporting quality in private subsidiaries", Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting = Revista Española de Financiación y Contabilidad.

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González, V., J.P. Gamboa and J.M. Peiró:

  • "University Graduates’ Employability, Employment Status, and Job Quality", Journal of Career Development.

Henao, D. and J.M. Peiró:

  • "The Importance of Empowerment in Entrepreneurship", in Tur, A. and D.E. Ribeiro (eds.): Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneur: Cognition, Personality Traits, Intention, and Gender Behavior . Cham, Suiza: Springer International Publishing.

Herrero, C. and A. Villar:

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Herrero, C., R. Martínez and A. Villar:

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  • "“Out of Sight, Out of Mind?” The Role of Physical Stressors, Cognitive Appraisal, and Positive Emotions in Employees’ Health", Environment and Behavior.

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  • "Coalition bargaining in repeated games", International Economic Review.

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Villagrasa, J., T. Buyl and A. Escribá:

  • "CEO satisfaction and intended strategic changes: The moderating role of performance cues", Long Range Planning.