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The Ivie updates the life tables for Spain until 2011

The database provides territorial data on nearly three decades

Is life expectancy at birth for men and women still converging? Which regions have seen a more significant difference by sex in this variable? What is the average age of the Spanish population? These are some of the questions answered in Life Tables for Spain and its Regions, updated by the Ivie to 2011. Data are updated annually at a national and regional level, spanning the period 1975-2011.

Life Tables provide detailed information on the average age of the population, average-age life expectancy, life potential, and life potential per capita. The latter two demographic indicators allow the effect of aging to be estimated as they include both the age structure of the population along with the life expectancy of individuals at their current age. These indicators are presented with annual periods for Spain, its autonomous communities and provinces.

Data are organized in fourteen PC-Axis files and can be obtained in the form of maps. The information can be downloaded free of charge, with the only requirement being to cite the database in any work in which it is used.

The following are some of the results from the latest database update:

  • The Spanish population continues aging and in 2011 the average age is 41.4 years, 8.2 years more than in 1975
  • The autonomous community with the highest average age is Asturias (46.0 years) and the province with the highest average is Ourense (48.4 years)
  • Life expectancy at birth continues to increase steadily in Spain, standing at 82.1 years in 2010: 85.0 years for women and 79.1 years for men
  • The gap in life expectancy between men and women narrows with age and at 65 years there is a difference of 3,9 years
Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Further information:

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