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The Ivie publishes its 2014 Annual Report

The document describes in detail all the Institute’s activities carried out in 2014 as well as those in course

2014 Annual Report What reports, books and databases has the Ivie published in 2014? In which international networks has it participated and which scientific meetings has it organized? The answers can be found in Ivie’s 2014 Annual Report.

The Annual Report shows that in 2014, the Ivie actively participated in several international projects. For example, the results of the 7th Framework project of the European Commission Prospective Insights on (R&D) in ICT, its database and PREDICT Report were presented in Brussels. Also, the Ivie coordinates the European project SPINTAN, for which various methodological documents have been developed on conceptualization and delimitation of public sector intangibles and meetings to share the work carried out by the different teams have been held in Valencia, London and Brussels.

This year, the third edition of U-Ranking project has included for the first time information on private universities. Additionally, the fourth edition of the BBVA-Ivie Foundation Report on Spanish Growth and Competitiveness has been published, paying special attention to the structural problems of firms, education and employment, public and private funding and poverty in Spain. Other key publications by the Ivie in 2014 have dealt with the indebtedness of Spanish firms during the crisis, the regional public funding system and the training and employment of young people.

¿Cómo puede competir la economía valenciana en el escenario europeo? was the title of the first Foro Cañada Blanch held in November and organized by Ivie, Cañada Blanch Foundation and London School of Economics, in which more than 250 people attended, including professionals, politicians, researchers and academics, to discuss the Valencian economy.

Some of Ivie’s 2014 figures are:

  • During 2014, the Ivie’s senior and associate researchers wrote 21 books, published or forthcoming, 115 scientific articles, 70 of which were published in international volumes and refereed journals, as well as 36 other publications
  • 66 researchers collaborated on several projects and activities carried out by the Ivie
  • In 2014, 23 public and private institutions contributed with funding to the development of the Institute’s research areas and projects
  • The Ivie participated in 5 international networks
  • The Institute produced and updated 15 databases and 3 websites
  • The Ivie organized 10 seminars
  • Ivie’s activity was spread through Twitter among over 1,400 followers

More details on the Ivie’s activities can be found in the 2014 Annual Report, which is available in pdf and Flash formats.

Valencia, 4 June 2015