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José María Peiró, named Honorary Doctor by the Universidad Miguel Hernández

The honorary degree was given in recognition of his achievements in teaching and research, especially in the field of work and organizational psychology

Ivie Researcher, José María Peiró, received an Honorary Degree by the Miguel Hernández University (UMH). Jesús Rodríguez Marín, Honorary President of UMH and mentor of José María Peiró, highlighted in the laudatio his extensive curriculum and experience, both in teaching and research. Also, he emphasized his important role as leading expert in the field of work and organizational psychology.

In addition, Marin acknowledged Peiro’s enormous capacity of work, as well as his desire, not only to examine the facts, but also to effectively influence decision makers to act wisely.

José María Peiró is President of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (ENOP) and former President of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) and of the European Federation of Work and Organizational Psychology. Additionally, he has been research director of various projects funded by the Spanish National Commission of Science and Technology, the EU Framework Programme for Research and the European Institute of Technology Climate KIC.

José María Peiró graduated (1975) and took his PhD (1977) in Philosophy and the Arts at the University of Valencia. He also graduated in Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid (1976). He is the author of several works on issues related to work and organizations. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Valencia (1993-1999) and Professor of Organizational and Social Psychology. He was director of the following departments of the University of Valencia: Department of Psychobiology and Social Psychology of the University of Valencia (2002-2003), Department of Basic Psychology, Methodology, Psychobiology and Social Psychology (1986-1993) and Department of General Psychology (1983-1986).

Youth employment is one of his key fields of research. In his Honorary Degree acceptance speech, Peiró focused on how youth employment has changed in recent years and how psychology has played a role in promoting the transition of young people to the labour market. Despite labour market hardships, José María referred to entrepreneurship and innovation as key aspects to improve the future of youths who desire to work and on the importance for all political and social actors to be involved in creating a more just and caring world.

In the conclusion of his speech, he stated his opinion on the true role of psychology: "psychological research helps to understand how things are, and, at the same time, contributes with rigor and relevance, to show how things could be, but the objective is not simply to analyze the facts, but also to consider what steps should be taken”.

Thursdau, 4 July 2017