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Visits to the Effort Index website increased 75% in 2016

The tool created by the Ivie received nearly 150,000 visitors in its second year

The Effort Index, a tool created by the Ivie for the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, which measures the physical effort of runners, received a total of 149,786 visits to the website during 2016, a 75% increase when compared to the 85,623 visits in 2015. The users are able to calculate their individual effort during a race or training, thanks to a mathematical equation devised by the Ivie Researcher, Iván Arribas. To measure the effort, the index uses variables such as distance, time spent, age or number of workouts per week. The value obtained ranges from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 100 and assesses the commitment and dedication it takes to complete a race or training session.

In addition, the index allows to keep an individual record of a runner’s evolution and to compare it with the progress made by other runners. The growing popularity of running events has helped extend the use of this tool in Spain and abroad. In 2016, 71% of the visits received to the website came from Spain and 29% from other countries.

The inclusion of the Effort Index in the Runator App has also increased its use, as mentioned in the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation 2016 Annual Report..

5K Circuit

The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation’s Annual Report describes the Foundation’s activities carried out during 2016, highlighting the study developed by the Ivie on the use of Valencia’s 5K Circuit (located in the Turia Gardens). According to the study, on average, 16,200 uses are registered per week. In total, the circuit has been used approximately 800,000 times in its first year of existence.

74% of the runners who make use of the 5K Circuit are men. However, gender differences are less in the case of younger users: 45% of users under the age of 30 are women.

Regarding their place of residence, the study by the Ivie reveals that 20% of the runners live outside the city of Valencia, which means they have to travel in order to use the circuit.

The report also includes a survey which shows that 91% of the runners have a positive opinion of the circuit.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017